As we decided to move back to Apulia, we basically decided to be Apulian, and it feels like being born again in this land. We welcome you with this re-birth spirit: because the truth is Fikus is the Apulian b&b, but it is in a way that is all to be discovered. Here is a glimpse of your experience with us.

Being a couple, we have quite different tastes, also when it comes to food. So we have thought about a special breakfast for you. Two menus. Two ways to kick off the day. Two different approaches to life. Black and white. Day and night. Sweet and savoury. Hers and his breakfast. Luisa’s and Francesco’s menus. But don’t worry, you’ll always be able to enjoy our inviting buffet of extras too.

We’ve met Irene and Mirella and we immediately discovered we shared a vision, about wanting our clients to live a dream.

And this is why thanks to our collaboration with Spa Chez Vous, we are glad to offer you a selected package of wellness services. To regenerate body, mind and soul, and to find the perfect balance.

You’ll be able to choose among different services such as face and body rituals (masks, peeling, herbal bath) or massages.

No no, we do not want to have a restaurant here. But what if we’d told you you could have the chance to taste a dinner served by top talented chefs from Apulia and beyond, under the olive trees of our garden without not even lifting a finger? How?Thanks to the collaboration with Food Sud System, a collective of food magicians that can offer the luxury of home catering.

Our moths are already watering.

Walking through millennial olive trees. Biking on the ancient water main road.
Plunging in a natural oasis. Discovering the Ceglie biscuit recipe. Olive picking with your bare hands. Undercovering the Cathedrals of Apulia. A day in the ktichen with apulian mammas preparing orecchiette.Touring in the masseria of the Itria Valley. A day on the beach few meters away from an archaeological site. Getting lost in the white cobblestone of enchanted boroughs. Each and every desire of yours will become true. In collaboration with precious partner we’ll make sure your journey is unforgettable.
Feeling like extra luxury? We are here to help you enjoy your stay and we’ll be happy to arrange for you private driver services during your exploring in Apulia.